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Pinfa-NA offers a series of webinars to our audience on many fire and flame retardant topics. In case you missed our live events, you can select a webinar below to view the recorded presentation.

Originally presented on June 14, 2023

Chemical Hazard Assessments & Safer Chemical Alternatives

Increase your understanding of chemical hazard assessments and how they relate to current regulatory trends affecting polymer additives including flame retardants. 

Originally presented on May 17, 2023

Fire Risk Scenarios: Connection to Fire Tests and Flame Retardant Solutions

Increase your knowledge of materials flammability, fire safety engineering and safe materials design from one of North America's most prominent experts.

Originally presented on March 22, 2023

The Great Boston Fire: The Inferno that Nearly Incinerated the City

In November 1872, a massive fire swept through Boston, Massachusetts leaving the downtown in ruins and the population traumatized.

Originally presented on February 22, 2023

New Webinar on Fire Test Methods Announced

Back to Basics: Ten Behaviors of Polymeric Materials in a Fire and Understanding Key Test Methods

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