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Join Us For a Complimentary Webinar

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the deadliest fire in a nursing home occurred in Fitchville, Ohio the morning after President Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963. The national shock of the president's murder overshadowed the news of the deaths of sixty-three residents of the Golden Age Nursing Home, many of whom were strapped to their beds for their own safety. 

Author and Presidential Historian Eric Ebinger shares a personal vantage point of the tragedy in his new program, Still Not Safe: The Fire that Woke a Nation. “The Great Fires of Chicago in 1871 and Boston in 1872 ushered in a trove of laws and policies to protect innocent civilians from massive fires in our large metropolitan areas,” Ebinger said. “But accidents still happen.” 

Using a collection of firsthand accounts, Ebinger presents the facts which led to the deadly disaster, as well as the improvements to fire prevention that were inspired by the Golden Age Nursing Home Residents. 

Who Should Attend
Fire Safety professionals, technical marketing & sales, material scientists, academia, historians, government authorities and all interested stakeholders.


About the Speaker

Eric Ebinger graduated with a degree in History from Penn State University  in 1999 and has enjoyed a decade and a half career as an Environmental Health and Safety Manager in north central, Ohio. He was the fifth generation of his family to grow up in Fitchville, Ohio.


There will be a Q&A session during the webinar session.

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